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The Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform

A world leading Forex platform, providing Forex trading services to a broad range
of customers from around the globe, via an innovative and easy-to-use platform.
It's Easy and it's Forex at its best.

* Free and simple registration, start in 5 minutes;
* 24x7 online from any computer, anywhere, no download;
* Regulated (USA; UK; Australia; EU);
* Instant deposits and profit withdrawals with credit cards or PayPal;
* Start trading from as little as $50;
* No additional collateral required for trading (no "maintenance margin");
* Unique "Freeze rate" trading feature (accept or regret);
* No hidden costs;
* Working with reputable business partners and world leading banks;
* Full transparency, full control, highest data security and privacy;
* Special tailor-made terms to individuals traders;
* Free 1-on-1 live training by experts;
* Personal service by real people with real names and addresses;
* Special incentives to frequent traders;
* Portfolio manager programs;
* More ...

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Universal Market Trader - Forex, Futures & Stocks

Universal Market Trader - Limited Edition

UMT is brand new and exciting trading tool. Forex and E-mini's are the hottest markets today.

UMT has ZERO subjectivity. Ten people use it, ten people get the SAME results. This is a huge advantage over 99% of the other systems.

Anyone who has traded before knows the hardest part is handling your emotions! Do I get in, here, or a few points or pips away. Where do I set my stop loss, my target? Should I take this next trade, or skip it? How many times have you second guessed yourself, only to kick yourself for not taking a trade which turned out to be a winner. Or wish you had set your stop just little further away, which would have turned that big loss into a nice win instead.


Universal Market Trader - Limited Edition

Well the guessing games are over. With The Universal Market Trader there is no wondering, no wishing, no hoping, no praying. Those days are forever over. Forget about them, they're done. You will feel the power of the system the very first day you use it. Why? Because when you feel like almost every trade you take is going to win, it gives you a power and confidence that will change the way you think about the markets. A power and confidence you can, and will, only understand when you are trading like us, like an unstoppable Machine. Regardless of your trading experience this can work for you.

And just so there's absolutely no doubt ... The system's performance is guaranteed.

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Imagine a methodology so powerful, that once you learn it, you will immediately be able to trade markets you never even considered, or maybe you have, but never got around to learning a whole new way to trade them.

The UMT strategy gives precise non subjective trade set-ups that are instantly and easily identified, regardless of the market, timeframe or trend

*** Universal Market Trader - Limited Edition

More markets, and more opportunities - instantly!

Let's say for example you like to trade stocks, but never dabbled into the exciting forex or e-mini markets. We will show you in minutes how you can apply the exact principles that allow you to trade your favorite stock, to the forex, or say the S&P e-mini. Maybe you trade forex, but keep hearing the metals or the bond markets are hot and great for trading right now.

You will be able to switch markets immediately, and won't miss out on the next big moves in other markets. Plus, you can swing trade or day trade - in fact, you can do both.

More markets, and more opportunities - instantly.    Click for Universal Market Trader Now!

Gann Global Financial

Gann Global Financial
   - Improve your trading with W.D. Gann's methods
   - Forecasting service based on W.D. Gann's methods
   - The Complete Forecasting Package
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Stock video with far reaching implications
Is the stock market a roller coaster or what? Well, GannGlobal research team have really have done their homework with their historical research. Their latest video proves it, and could have far reaching implications for you as a trader.
Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Stock video with far reaching implications

Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?
That kind of move must be one for the record books. GannGlobal provides you with benchmarks and parameters for where the market can go from here...I think you will really appreciate the amount of research they do on the markets.
Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?

Options University

Market Announcement That Will Affect the Way You Trade Forever...

There's so much news thrown at us every day, it's hard to filter out the important from the inane. This is especially true with the markets - turn on any news channel and you get your choice of the talking heads telling you why they're right ;-)

Anyway, there IS one big recent announcement regarding the markets that you should be aware of. It's a major development for the U.S. stock market.

The options experts at Options University are all over this and have recorded a special trading video that reveals the importance of this recent development.

Watch this 11-minute trading video now. Every other trader will eventually understand the importance of this development, so the earlier you understand it, the better.

The BIGGEST and most EXCITING trend to hit the markets in decades – courtesy of the NASDAQ!

CLICK to See the Video NOW!


Do you like change? Or are you comfy the way things are.

Because this video is going to do one of two things...

It should either get you really excited... or, it should frustrate the heck out of you because of this upcoming change to the stock market.

Regardless of how you feel, this change could have a profound impact on how you trade.

Here's the top of an email Brett Fogle & Ron Ianieri from the Options Unversity sent me a day or two ago regarding this:

"Stock traders are up in arms, fuming mad at NASDAQ's latest announcement regarding options -- and what it all means to the stock market and your trading (HINT: you may never trade stock again...)."

So, if you're interested in learning about what's going on and how it could affect your trading forever, watch the video here:

CLICK to See the Video NOW!

P.S. - Ron thinks that fortunes will be made in the next 12 - 18 months with this new information. Only time will tell, of course; but those with the best information usually have a huge edge over those that don't.   » Get the info here...

This was just one Nuget of information and options' education from Options University   » Read more


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- Real-time quotes
- Real-time interactive intraday & interday charts
- Variety of indicators and drawing tools
- Real-time scanning
- Pre-defined scans
- Creat your own scans
- Real-time options chains
- Real-time market activity watch lists
- Multiple real-time alerts
- And much More...

  - Undiscovered Micro-Cap Gems
- MoneyFlow Winners
- High-Yield Investing...

...are only some of the Premium services at StreetAuthority       Read more...

Wave59 Technologies
  - Custom-built neural nets
- Geometrical pattern analysis
- Fibonacci Vortex...
...are only some of the tools this program will give you access to...
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