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Click For:    Daily Market Commentary & Charts of the Day courtesy of Nirvana Systems

Nirvana Systems:               VisualTrader         OmniTrader         SignalWatch

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OmniTrader is designed to help you Trade the Moves. By automating technical analysis, OmniTrader gives you the power to make decisions fast! No other software gives you real trading signals with all of the supporting information automatically displayed for you. OmniTrader's signals are exceptionally accurate - making it a Great Prospecting Tool.

Great Trading Signals, however, are just the beginning of the story. OmniTrader provides all the tools you need to Trade the Moves:

       Great Buy & Sell Candidates
       Built-In Money Management
       Trading Simulators

OmniTrader's Charts, among other features, offer:

  • Visual Exits All exits display within the charts as they form. This helps you manage risk better, leading to higher profits.
  • Indicator Library A comprehensive list of significant indicators easily accessible from a unique interactive interface that makes it easy to adjust values.
  • Multiple Plots Add indicators or system plots and they "stack" on top of each other. This is useful for confirming signals at reversal points.
  • Adaptive Reasoning ModelTM
  • Automatic Buy & Sell Signal
  • Signal Confirmation
  • Specialized Strategies
  • Automatic Signal Ratings
  • Automatic Charts Patterns
  • Built-In Portfolio
  • Eighths Tool (Loss Stops)

OmniTrader can read end of day data - from any vendor using the MetaStock, Worden TC2000, CSI, or AIQ Formats.
OmniTrader supports direct downloading from several data services, including:
  - HyperFeed from Nirvana
  - QFeed from
  - eSignal from DBC
  - Telescan

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

$89.85 value BONUS with OmniTrader:
Free 3-Month Trial Subscription to
SignalWatch and Hyperfeed Data Service

    Price: $495.00    

OmniTrader is Also Customizable!

120 Trading Systems *

OmniTrader has 120 built-in trading systems (daily and weekly) which are automatically run each time the "To Do" List is executed. 

Trading System Parameters

The trading systems are Open. You can change the optimization ranges and specify which systems are to be used with any symbol list you run.

Advanced System Confirmation *

You can also specify certain systems as "confirmers" - for example, "Only fire a Buy or Sell signal if the Volatility Breakout System is also firing a signal at the same time."

Trading Models *

The user can select the trading model which is applied such as "Short Term Aggressive" or "Medium Term Aggressive." The model contains the exit rules.


Performance reports for the list are just a click away.

    Price: $495.00    

All of the above PLUS
  • Signals on Futures contracts
  • Continuous Contracts
  • Automatic Contract Definition
  • Automatic Contract Rollover
  • Automatic downloading of COT
  • Seasonality Graphs
    Price: $695.00    

All of the above PLUS

Multiple Timeframe Signals Real Time Analysis Real Time Alerts & Stops

Confirm trading signals across multiple timeframes.

OmniTrader continuously runs its proprietary Adaptive Reasoning Model in real time, on hundreds of symbols in your list.

Alerts fire when new signals are generated, or at a specific price, or if a stop level is hit.

Real Time Signals Trend Line Alerts Real Time Data Support

Signals are dynamically updated in Real Time.

Draw trend lines with alert features. Any time such a trend line is crossed, you are alerted!

HyperFeed from Nirvana. All other Real Time Data services are supported, including, eSignal and IQ Feed from DTN.

    Price: $995.00    

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