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Nirvana Systems:               VisualTrader         OmniTrader         SignalWatch


Fast, Easy Navigation   ·   100% Configurable VT Display   ·   Create Your Own Maps

1. The List

VisualTrader has separate Lists for the strong and weak candidates. Sort on any Measurement, Signal, or Pattern Direction. Click a Group and ALL charts in the Group are displayed.

NEW Add Futures Symbols to your Map and List; even mix Futures and Stocks in the same Map.

2. The Map

Instantly shows you the state of the market and which Groups and Symbols are moving.

NEW Create Custom Measurements so you can see the market your way.

3. Visual Brokerage

New Now, you can trade directly in the charts by moving “Chevrons” into position. Engage in “fire and forget” trading, thanks to the money management power of Trade Plans. The NEW Portfolio List shows your positions. Works with external brokers or the integrated brokers supported in the software.

4. Leading Indicator

Visually and audibly tells you when the market is moving by displaying the rate of change of any Measurement you select.

                                       * * *

5. Interactive Alerts

See a forming opportunity? Draw alert lines and wait for them to tell you when it’s the right time to act. You can also drag Symbols into the Watch List to keep an eye on them.

6. Chart Patterns

The most sophisticated pattern recognition in the world. You see Support / Resistance, Trend Line Breaks, Fibonacci Retracements and Candle Patterns—updated continuously in the Charts and as “dots” in the List.

7. Trading Signals

Opportunity points for both Breakouts and Reversals. Additional Strategies can be added for even more firepower.

8. Layouts

Configure specific chart configurations quickly and easily. Simple or very elaborate layouts can be created to display multiple charts that are related to the Symbols that are clicked (such as Group, Index, etc.)

9. Time Frame

Click here and the Map, Charts, and List switch to the new time frame. Great for multiple time frame confirmation.

10. Playback & Simulator

Rewind the market to see how the Map developed over time-a great way to learn.

                                       * * *

   - Dynamic 3D View

VisualTrader shows you a stunningly profitable view of the market. Using only charts, you could never view 500 stocks simultaneously. VisualTrader lets you see them all.

   - Charting

VisualTrader not only revolutionizes the way you find the big movers, it incorporates the fastest and simplest method to display and review charts. Once you know which stocks are "in play" VisualTrader helps you quickly review and confirm the winners.

   - Prospecting

VisualTrader was designed with one goal in mind. To give users the ability to locate and confirm the big moves ahead of other traders. To accomplish this goal, VisualTrader utilizes its unique 3D map and a dynamic opportunity list.

With VisualTrader, you will know when the market is turning, which industry groups are leading the stampede, and which charts have the best setups. And, not only will you see the right opportunity, you see it as it is just beginning to form - ahead of the pack.

There are other "map-like" products out there. VisualTrader is different. Where other software shows you net price change, VisualTrader shows you dynamics like volatility breakouts across the entire map. These calculations will show you where the market is going, as opposed to where it has been. VisualTrader can pay for itself in a single trading day.

If you are using other software, no problem. Simply add VisualTrader to your desktop. It directly supports all the most popular Real Time data feeds, including OmniData, IQFeed, eSignal, TC2000, Metastock Formatted Data, Qcharts. And, you can run other software supporting these feeds at the same time as VisualTrader, without having to get a second data account.


As Biotechnology turns up, cylinders representing stocks in the group turn green and push above the floor, indicating a group rotation is underway. The group gained over 3% from there in this session. Note that Biotech was actually down for the day. VisualTrader shows change in direction, giving you an early entry signal.

At the same time, we saw that Trucking had cylinders below the map, indicating strong, downside pressure on this group. Trucking continued down.

                  Price: $2,995.00 / $995.00


Visual Trader v4.0 - Pricing - 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

Real Time:    $2,995.00               End-of-Day:    $995.00

Clik for Promo:   Receive a "cheat sheet" every night that containes
The "cream of the crop" stocks that have the highest probability
of entering into potentially profitable positions the next day...

Click For:    Daily Market Commentary & Charts of the Day courtesy of Nirvana Systems

Stormchaser Technologies

Stormchaser Technologies is an Automated Trading Systems Solutions Provider for Active Traders, Hedge Funds and Broker-Dealers. Whether you need to scan through a large universe of symbols, to back-test your trading system against historical data, or to implement multiple Black Box Trading Systems, Stormchaser Technologies has the solution for you!

  • A Real-Time Configurable Scanner that can monitor thousands of symbols in real-time, and can generate alerts  using the Algorithms configured by the user or using a predefined trading system. There are over 100 studies/analytics to choose from in order to configure your own trading systems in multiple timeframe's If you don't see your favorite study or indicator, contact us and we'll build it for you!
  • Backtesting capability Any algorithm that can be configured for a real-time scanning, can be tested for profitability through Historical Backtesting.
  • Black Box Execution Platform is integrated with the Scanner. Symbols generated by the Scanner are automatically sent to the execution platform.

The advantages of Stormchaser Technologies products are many:

  1. Start-To-Finish Black Box Trading Systems can be Configured and Implemented through one EZ User Interface.
  2. All the standard functionality associated with most scanners is included and many unique ANALYTICS are incorporated.
  3. Complex algorithms can be configured without the use of a programming or scripting language -- a very unique capability.
  4. Black Box Executions require that the Execution platform be integrated seamlessly with the scanner, a feature which Stormtracker handles easily.
  5. While other products on the market can not produce specialized functionality, or have the flexibility to adapt to different trading platforms  -- Stormchaser's products can!
  6. Libraries of Trading Systems are easily imported to quickly start you designing and implementing your own systems. Aurora Trading System boasts 170+ Equity Points in backtesting results over 14 month period.

                            Start Boosting Profits Today!

Pricing Information

Stormtracker Scanner, Backtesting and Black Box Execution Platform are available for licensing on a monthly basis.  

Scanner/Execution Platform/Backtesting  - - -  $200.00/month


STXtreme Trading System - One Time Fee of $1000.00 Special $500.00


Get the Trading System for only $500.00 Offer good for a limited time.
The STXtreme Trading System is a proprietary system that the pro's use. When you purchase this system, you will have access to all of the technical information and configuration of the system but in order to receive the system, we require that all customers sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and return it back to us at FAX (888) 279-6079.

Special Offer
The retail cost of all 3 Stormtracker applications and a RealTick monthly subscription is normally $450. If you are an active trader you may qualify for subscription assistance – meaning that you can get the Stormtracker / Realtick monthly subscription for FREE! Then all you have to do is implement your black box system on Stormtracker or you can purchase the Trading System for the one time fee and start ‘Boosting Profits’ right away!

System Requirements:
   Windows 2000/XP, with 256M RAM suggested
   High Speed Internet Connection

Supported Quote Feeds

RealTick ProPlus V8.0 or higher (for the Scanner) - Sign Up for a RealTick Account

Supported Execution Platforms

Terranova Trading (for the Black Box Executions)

Interactive Brokers DeskTop TWS (for the Black Box Executions)

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