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Swing Trading is the art of capturing profits in trending stocks in a relatively short amount of time.

Swing trading takes advantage of brief price swings in stocks lasting anywhere from 1 month to 2 weeks. Through the use of technical analysis we are able to identify precise entry and exit points to capitalize on these short term trends to capture consistent profits with minimal risk. You do not have to be at your computer all day.

If you want your money to work for you but do not have the time or the general knowledge to trade the market, then our strategy is for you. When you sign up for our services you have a highly experienced team behind you all the way.

Most people do not have the time to trade the market actively. Our system allows you to plan your trades by spending a few minutes everyday choosing trades you wish to make from our Daily Stock Alerts. You will get our alerts before the start of each trading day. You enter your trades before the market opens and watch them go to work for you.

It really doesn't take that much time. The work is in finding the stocks, which is what we provide. Just because you are busy with your life doesn't mean you can't have the opportunity to profit in the markets. We do the research and you reap the benefits.

The purpose of our Swing Trades is to give short term investors a list of up to five stocks, hand chosen by our Moderator LIGHTNING, that have a profit potential, Long or Short over a period of one week.

It is at the discretion of the subscriber whether or not they enter a position, the price they enter at and any profits or losses they realize. The evening prior to the first trading day of each week, generally Sunday evening after 9:00 pm ET, subscribers can LogIn to the secure password protected area and view the stock selection for the upcoming week.

The morning of the first trading day of each week, generally Monday, subscribers can LogIn to the secure password protected area and view the entry price, as our position is noted that we will utilize, on our 'Swing Trades' Performance page.

Swing Trading Strategies for the full or part-time day trader.

If you are contemplating full-time day trading or if you are interested in the potential of making profits in excess of 2% of your capital on a daily basis, then the chat room is an absolute must.

Day Swing Trades provides traders with 3 strategies, presented in a clear and simple format, enabling traders at all levels to consistently profit. You will be able to view these strategies in a real-time chat room moderated by a team of our professional traders.

Each of our three strategies is designed to obtain a minimum of 1% on every trade. While our strategies discuss additional exit techniques for maximizing gains on trades, we set a conservative 1% profit goal on every trade to show how consistent 1% gains can turn any trader into a Professional Day Trader. With the additional exit techniques we provide, we are confident that all traders can exceed our results.

Type A: Daily Breakouts
Type B: Gap Plays
Type C: Bottom/ Top Plays

Start Day Trading with the Professionals!

Start Day Trading with the Professionals!

Start Day Trading with the Professionals!


Futures Trading Room

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Futures Day Trading Room Moderators make calls on Futures based on momentum, news and over all current day market action.

Forex Day Trading Room is available 24/7 for day trading online. Forex Moderators make calls on the Forex based on momentum, news and over all current day market action.

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