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Real-time quotes gives you market activity as it's happening
Real-time scanning (Ever look at a stock chart and wish you could have got in the day before on a big move?) With the real-time scanning you'll find the early morning action, the smart money always gets in first! This is the secret to interday momentum swing trading. It's excellent for finding reversals. Good ones can be held for a few days without taking out your stops
Easy one-click access to highly effective pre-defined MrSwing long and short scans that have been proven to work in the past: everything from our pullbacks to the 1-2-3-4 patterns, breakouts and breakdowns, reversals and revivals, windows, triangles, and crosses
The ability to find good trade candidates by choosing and scanning with hundreds of criteria that are best for you, everything from: indicators, price patterns, volume and fundamentals
An easy-to-use query builder to create your own powerful real-time and end of day scans
One-click access to real-time options chains on any optionable stock, so you can leverage or hedge your risk in a position


Real-time (Zoom In-and-Out) interactive intraday & interday charts with advanced technical analysis tools. This will give you the ability to pinpoint entry and exit points near a stocks interday support and resistence as the fight wages for supply and demand
Real-time market activity watch lists to find where the action is during the day: choose from more than 50 lists, including Most Actives, Top Gainers/Losers, Big Range, Gap Up/Down, Indices, and Industries/Sectors
The ability to look at multiple stock charts quickly in real-time for possible setups that may be forming with the updating slide show
Multiple real-time daily plus overall profit and loss portfolios, with real-time gap and swing alerts, and audio and visual alerts
Access historical data with interday, daily, weekly and monthly interactive charts all the way back to 1990, so you know where a given stock has been, and where it's coming from. Then zoom in and out of different time periods for a micro or macro perspective
Pick and choose from a large variety of indicators, chart overlays and drawing tools. View multiples on one stock or index, plus the ability to customize and set what parameters you want

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