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Quantum Swing Trader - Discover Where Stock Market Potential Becomes Reality

Discover Where Stock Market Potential Becomes Reality

Get instant, FREE access to Quantum Swing Trader members' website preview. Get a "sneak peek" of what paying students see, along with a huge digital "trading vault" with example after example of videos showing trades selected with Quantum Swing Trader.

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Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles FREE report

How to 'Shake out' the best stocks

If you're like most stock traders, you want to speed up the trading activities that take up most of your time.

(Keep reading for your complimentary access link to a 49-page guide that reveals a critical time-saving tactic that all successful traders use...)

Let's be honest, it's not a lot of fun spending hours staring at charts trying to find the best stocks to trade.

But there ARE a few things that successful traders do to get a definite edge in the markets (again and again).

Do you know what they are?

Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles

Well, for the next few days, a premiere online trading mentor has opened up access to one of his most popular trading guides, where you'll discover:


** How to shave hours off your trading routine forever...

** The "sweet spot" of any trend that gives you the greatest profit potential...

** Where to place your stop loss order in any market (Hint: it's NOT where most traders would place it)...

** How you can increase your trading opportunities dramatically when you learn the truth about "selling short", and why long positions can be far more risky than short positions...

** How to take the guesswork out of trading and minimize trading stress.

**, a ton of other insider trading tips...

It's yours as his "New Year Surprise". Grab it today and digest it NOW so you're ready to trade with a whole new set of tools in 2008.

This report is available at this web page, but it won't be there forever, so go ahead and grab it while it's still open to the trading community:

Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles

Video debunks Wall Street myth

I think you need to watch this brand new trading video from Bill Poulos - NOW!

He recorded it for his readers because of the Fed's recent decision to drop int. rates, and in it he debunks a common trading myth that could really cause your portfolio to tank if you're falling for it.

Anyway, I'm not sure how long he'll keep this video active, so be sure to check it out here:

Video debunks Wall Street myth

Discover Where Stock Market Potential Becomes Reality
Quantum Swing Trader - Trading Video

Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition

"If You had a Stock Trading Method that let you discover When a stock was about to make A Massive Market Move Up or Down the Day BEFORE it happened, how many times would You apply that Method to generate Potential Profitable Positions again and again, regardless of Your Trading Experience?"
                                                        -Bill Poulos


To make it super easy for you to try out Quantum Swing Trader in your home, Bill is also going to give you a guaranty. So what do you have to lose? Not much. And I believe you have a whole lot to gain...

All the details are here:

Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition

Quantum Swing Trader
Limited Offer

Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition

If you had a stock trading method that let you discover when a stock was about to make a massive move UP or DOWN, and then showed you, step-by-step, how to take advantage of that move to potentially pull profits out of the markets... would you be interested?

The "sweet spot" of Quantum Swing Trader is that it shows you how to take just a few common indicators, but use them in an uncommon way to "pinpoint" the spot in any stock where it has a high probability of making a massive move UP or DOWN, but not stay the same.

* Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition*

This is a big deal, because traders have the potential to make the really big money when the market makes these kinds of moves. And Bill shows you how easy it is to take advantage of these situations, again and again.

Quantum Swing Trader is created by 30+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos. To sum up Quantum Swing Trader in 3 points:

** The method is deceptively simple, yet profoundly powerful.
** Bill's unique "immersive" teaching style makes it extremely easy and entertaining to learn the method.
** This is one the highest-quality courses I've ever seen on the market. All the audio is crystal-clear, the videos are superb, and the full color manual is a breeze to get through.

Bill's only releasing a Limited number of copies to the trading community so he can make sure he can provide support and focus to his next group of students for his new course.

Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition


Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition

This course is HUGE. Heck, the box that it arrived in weighed about 5 or 6 pounds. But Here are some of the highlights that really stood out for me:

** Bill's "Fre e Trade" strategy which is the goal of every trade he teaches you to place. This lets you get into a position and lock in some early profits. Every trade should be like this ;-)

** How to quickly scan over 8,000 stocks every night in seconds with Bill's search criteria to find the stocks that have a high- probability of entering into a potentially profitable position.

** Bill's Profit Feeder service, which "spoon feeds" you his highest-probability stocks every night.

** The 2 "cheat sheet" blueprints that summarize the entire method in one place so you don't need to spend hours hunting through the materials after you've studied it to find what you want.

** Spend no more than 20 minutes a night applying the method.

There's a ton more, including a dedicated section just for beginners, lifetime customer support, and some really unique bonuses, but you'll need to check out his web page to see everything for yourself.

Quantum Swing Trader - Limited Edition

Finally, to make it super easy for you to try out Quantum Swing Trader in your home, Bill is also going to give you a guaranty. So what do you have to lose? Not much. And I believe you have a whole lot to gain.

PS - Many traders rely only on Fibonacci lines to help them make key trading decisions. This could be disastrous; however, if used as part of a proven trading method, Fibonacci lines can be a great trading tool. This brand new, 6 minute trading video and FREE trading E-Book show you the benefits of Fibonacci lines and how they can be used in your trading. ***   "Instant Profits" Fibonacci Retracements lines    Trading Video   ~   Trading E-Book

PS - Watch the Super Divergence Blueprint AAPL Trading Video which shows why the iPhone doesn't matter. You'll see how Bill and his students are trading WITH the trend and AGAINST the trend to capture as many profitable moves as possible. Also, get on to see how you can get one of Bill's $247 trading methods for $0. That's right, "on the house".   » Super Divergence Blueprint AAPL Trading Video...

   ~    The Ultimate Trading Machine    ~   

Winning Edge Trading

Winning Edge Trading occurs when you can follow an investment methodology that has the potential to produce positive returns over time. For example, a stock investor that has a Winning Edge can expect to achieve more positive returns than losers where the average successful trade is higher than the average unsuccessful trade. In other words, the odds are in your favor, so the more trades that are made, the probability of success goes up dramatically.

Long time trader Bill Poulos wrote a 21 page eBook called "The Truth About Winning Edge Trading" that exposes the details of this concept. This revealing report has previously only been available to his paying students and subscribers, but for a short time he agreed to let me give it to you as a complimentary gift...

The Truth About Winning Edge Trading


The Truth About Winning Edge Trading

Here are some of the key areas Bill covers in his report:

** Impact on portfolio value with a Winning Edge
** Impact on risk, including risk assessment of the
     S&P 500, DJIA, and NASDAQ
** Key components of a Winning Edge methodology
** Money management guidelines
** Selection criteria
** Specific entry and exit rules
** High velocity turnover

For your convenience, this report is being made available on a special web page. The links in this e-mail are the ONLY way to access it, so go ahead and check it out before Bill takes it offline.

The Truth About Winning Edge Trading

   ~    The Ultimate Trading Machine    ~   

Free QST Trading Gifts:


Swing Trading Principles - Video

A 3-part video series that exposes the top 18 questions & answers about swing trading. A follow-up for what was probably the single most popular trading report to be released this year so far: "Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles".

Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles

Originally 33 pages, "Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles" is now a 53 page report that's busting at the "digital seams" with the crucial information that swing traders use to potentially profit in the markets.

Access the QST's Profit Feeder Members Website Preview - FREE Tryout!

Take a preview of what is already being called one of the best and most complete stock trading courses ever released to the public. Everything about it is first class... and easy to understand.

Over 60 minutes of step-by-step trading tutorials

At the top of the page you'll find another link that will give you access to his entire online tutorial archive, with over 60 more minutes of "on the house" instruction.

Discover Where Exchange-Traded Funds Market Potential Becomes Reality

CLICK HERE for your ETF Profit Driver

The Ultimate Trading Machine ~ Gann Global Financial ~ Profits Run Trading Services ~ QST Profit Pulling

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