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Forex Profit @Profits Run

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In the past 2 weeks, over 175,000 traders have bombarded a special, "insiders" Forex trading website.

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Power Forex Profit
Principles Report  -  (July, 2008 Update)

Power Forex Profit Principles v3, July 2008  

One of the top online trading mentors has just released a landmark Forex report that's not only going to ruffle some feathers...'s going to challenge everything that 90% of most Forex traders hold to be true.

So if you have ANY interest in discovering how to ride the "coat tails" of the big banks to maximize your "pip potential", you're in for a TREAT.

** How to "shake out" the good Forex brokers from the unscrupulous ones. Many brokers won't be prepared when you ask them these 5 questions (page 12).

** His "insiders formula" on how to determine the best mix of technical indicators to use when trading Forex pairs (page 23).

** Step-by-step tactics for applying his "Optimal Profit Exit Strategy". This is one of his favorite ways to enjoy profit- taking as quickly as possible (page 32).

** How he was able to drastically reduce his "time in the trenches" trading Forex by spending only 20 minutes a day. These 2 discoveries made it all possible (page 42).

**, there's a TON more you'll get to sink your teeth into when you get the report.

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In This Report

  • 50,000 Traders & Their Forex Frustrations
  • I hear a lot about Forex trading and am very interested in learning more about it. Can you give me a brief overview of the basics of Forex?
  • How do the Forex markets operate on a 24 hour basis?
  • Can you take me through a typical trade scenario?
  • What types of orders do I use with Forex trading?
  • How much can I expect to make with Forex trading?
  • Forex seems to be quite different from trading stocks. What are the benefits and risks in comparison and would a much bigger account be needed?
  • How do I find a reliable Forex broker?
  • What are the best Forex pairs to trade?
  • What is the best trading platform and charting software for both beginners and more experienced traders alike and where should one obtain the most reliable data?
  • Is it better to use fundamental or technical analysis with Forex trading?
  • I am not able to dedicate the time it takes to day trade the markets. Is it possible to trade the Forex markets on an end-of-day basis so I can take advantage of the market trends while working my regular job or when sleeping?
  • How is it possible to trade the Forex markets on an end-of-day basis using daily bar charts when the markets are always open?
  • What are the attributes of a good Forex trading method?
  • What are the best technical indicators to use?
  • What simple strategy can I use to find good entry points?
  • How can I determine the initial stop loss, trailing stops, and exit points?
  • How can I find a Forex method that works almost all of the time with minimal or no losses?
  • How can I minimize downside risk while still capturing quality gains in the Forex markets?
  • What account size do I need to trade the Forex markets?
  • Forex freedom in just 20 minutes a day?
  • Why Are You Interested In Forex?
  • Forex Survey Summary
Forex-Trading - Forex Profit Accelerator

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* More ...

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