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*** GannGlobal Financial

Stock video with far reaching implications
Is the stock market a roller coaster or what? Well, GannGlobal research team have really have done their homework with their historical research. Their latest video proves it, and could have far reaching implications for you as a trader.
Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Stock video with far reaching implications

Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?
That kind of move must be one for the record books. GannGlobal provides you with benchmarks and parameters for where the market can go from here...I think you will really appreciate the amount of research they do on the markets.

Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?

~   ~   ~

*** GannGlobal Market Forecasting

Recently, James Flanagan over at released part 4 of his 4-part Forecasting video series. This latest 21 minute video reveals how he's following the commodity markets, and where he thinksthey'll go in the near future.

* * * Watch the 21 minute video here (part 4 of 4) * * *

If you missed part 1, 2, or 3 you can watch them here:

*   Part 1: Stock Market Forecast   *   Part 2: Soybean Forecast
*   Part 3: Crude Oil Forecast   *   Part 4: Commodities

In this latest video, you'll see James use what he calls the "Research Engine" to forecast the most probable direction of the major commodity markets like Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and Grains based on the historical research methods of trading legend W.D. Gann.

James will walk you through the bull market that has laid hold of commodities for the past 5 years, and he'll show you how he accurately forecasted the Major Low in 2001 that supported the recent bull market.

Then James shows you what history points to as the most probable direction for a number of individual commodities.

So go ahead and watch James walk you through some of his historical analysis, including an application of W.D. Gann's methods, so you can potentially be positioned for the next move in the commodity markets.

* NOTE: James will only take a limited number of additional members to his service. So if you think James' work is as revolutionary as I think it is, get on board before the cut-off date.

* * * Watch the 21 minute video here * * *

~   ~   ~

*** S&P 500 Forecasting Video

Gann Global's veteran market technician James Flanagan made a 37 minute special presentation titled, "S&P 500 Forecast". In this video, James not only gives away his latest forecast for the stock market, but he also lets you look over his shoulder, revealing his closely guarded research secrets.

James Flanagan just finished recording the 2nd video in his latest Forecasting Video Series. This presentation goes for about 15 minutes, covers the Soybean market and it addresses the following questions:

* * Seasonally, when are final lows established throughout history?
* * Historically, how long do bear markets last in terms of price?
* * What does an average bear market look like in soybeans throughout history?
* * Is our current market poised for a turning point, or more downside?
* * What does the Research Engine have to say about the maturity of our bear market?
* * and more...

      Part 1: Forecasting SPX       Part 2: Forecast Soybean

~   ~   ~

*** What is the historical context in which the Crude Oil is trading?

Gann Global's veteran market technician James Flanagan #3 in a 4-part series videos:
* What is the historical context in which the Crude Oil is trading?
* How does the current Crude Oil market compare to every other back to back bull market in history?
* How does the Crude Oil stack up against every other commodity break-out move into NEW HIGHS in history?
* What is the significance of the measured corrections of the current move in Crude Oil?
* and more...

*** Watch this Video

Forecasting Video Series Part 1 - SPX
Forecasting Video Series Part 2 - Soybean

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