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Gann Global Financial

Gann Global Financial

There's been a lot written and said about legendary trader W. D. Gann; but without a doubt his now seminal work on market cycles and price behavior is truly without equal.

Gann is believed to have made multi millions of dollars trading the markets in the early part of the 20th century, when a million dollars was worth far more than it is today. But Gann's work, while very powerful, has been beyond the comprehension of even the most experienced traders. This is primarily because his methods rely heavily on historical price data (100+ years of data) and intensive analysis of that data to identify likely tops and bottoms in the markets.

Gann applied his methods to all markets, stocks, commodities, cash markets and proved to be equally successful in all markets. He was hailed a genius of his time. Unfortunately, there are very few analysts today who have the ability to fully understand Gann's methods and fewer still who can successfully apply his methods to today's markets.

How to trade like W.D. Gann

This is a 10-part video about Gann's method that shows how exactly they:

1. Master the methods of W. D. Gann

2. Harness today's computing power in such a way that James and his team are able to actually, in a very practical, understandable, and useable fashion apply Gann's methods to today's markets.

By mastering the method and harnessing today's computing power to crunch the data, they are able to apply the resulting analysis to any market, stocks, commodities, energies, currencies, etc.

Those of you who are already familiar with Gann know how exciting this is. And for those of you new to Gann, James' information can save you the countless hours of study and frustration.

To watch this 10-part, complimentary video, go here:

How to trade like W.D. Gann

It's a long video, just under an hour, but it's packed with solid content that will teach you more about Gann's methods.

The GGF Essential Course:

Lesson 1 - Introduction: Forecasting in the Grand Tradition of W.D. Gann

Lesson 2 - The Master Time Factor: What W.D. Gann Considered His Most Valuable Contribution to Students of the Market

    - Gann Global Articles:

Stock video with far reaching implications
Is the stock market a roller coaster or what? Well, GannGlobal research team have really have done their homework with their historical research. Their latest video proves it, and could have far reaching implications for you as a trader.
Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Stock video with far reaching implications

Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?
That kind of move must be one for the record books. GannGlobal provides you with benchmarks and parameters for where the market can go from here...I think you will really appreciate the amount of research they do on the markets.
Watch the video here: The latest stock market forecast video: Can Soybeans Go Any Higher?

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