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Rockwell Trading DayTrading System

Discover the Amazingly Simple Secrets to Trading Success!

Simplify your trading and start making consistent profits!
Stop using complicated formulas and indicators!

Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader,
Whether you are trading Stocks, Forex, Futures or Commodities -
THIS will change your trading forever.

Are you new to trading? Or have you been trading for a while but haven’t achieved the trading results you are looking for?

You know, it really doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if you are trading Stocks, Forex, Futures or Commodities. And it doesn’t matter whether you have a $5,000 or a $50,000 account. In the next 12 minutes I will explain to you how to make consistent profits with day trading. You will discover the amazingly simple secrets to trading success that will change your trading forever. After reading this page you will be banging your head against the wall, asking yourself how you could miss that. You will throw out complicated formulas and indicators and probably most of the books that you have. Because after this video you will KNOW how to greatly simplify your trading and make the profits you are looking for.

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Imagine yourself in the following position…

You are sitting in front of your computer. On your screen there are six markets. You are cool and relaxed. You are watching the markets and waiting for your chance. You are not nervous any more, and you don’t worry about losses since you KNOW that losses are part of your business as a trader. But your losses are small, smaller than your average profit. And while you are waiting for a trading opportunity, you take a look at your equity curve and you see how it changed:

Previously erratic, but now it’s smooth and nicely pointing up. You see how your account grows, week after week and month after month.

This puts a smile on your face and you start laughing about the times before you discovered the trading secrets when you were nervous, used a bunch of indicators that didn’t really help you, when you lost money and had to put more and more money into your trading account. You say to yourself: “I am glad that these days are over” and you take another sip from your Gourmet coffee.

Can you see yourself in such a position?

Why the heck are you not achieving the results you are looking for?

So let me ask you: Why are you not there yet?

What’s preventing you right now from achieving your trading goals?

The answer: The Three Secrets to Trading Success

You are not (yet) achieving your trading goals because you don’t know the Three Secrets to Trading Success. Or you might know these secrets but don’t know how to apply them.

So let’s talk about these secrets. The Secrets to Trading Success are universal. They apply to every market, whether you are trading stocks, futures, option or forex. And they apply to every timeframe, that’s why they are so powerful. And they are so simple that you will wonder why you wasted so much time and money on all the other “stuff”, on complicated formulas, indicators and systems.

So here they are: The Three Secrets to Trading Success

  • “Secret 1”: Trading in the right direction
    Buy when the market is going up and
    Sell when the market is going down. That’s how money is made.
  • “Secret 2”: Always know when to exit
    Know when to exit with a profit,
    and know when to exit with a loss.
  • “Secret 3”: Trade the right market
    The right market to trade is a trending market.
    As you know, money is made in trends, whether up or down, so you dramatically increase your chances of making money with trading if you trade a trending market.

Sounds too simple?

Well, there are a few things you need to learn:

  • You need to learn how to determine whether the market is going up or down.
  • You need to learn when to exit a trade; when to take a profit and when to bail if the market is not moving in your favor
  • And you need to learn how to find the right market

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The Seven Costly Mistakes of Traders

Before we talk about HOW to apply these trading secrets, let’s take a look at the seven mistakes that traders make and that cause them to lose a lot of money :

  • Mistake #1: Struggling to identify the direction of the market.

    They use complicated formulas, indicators and systems trying to identify a trend. They plot so many indicators on the screen until they don’t see the prices anymore. They think the more complicated a system the better it should “predict” trends. And they completely lose sight of the basic principle:
    Buy when the market is going up and sell when the market is going down.

  • Mistake #2: Not taking profits.

    By nature traders are greedy. After all, you want to make money. A lot of money. And you want to make it fast. “Get rich quick”, right?
    And that’s why many traders are way too greedy. They want to get rich on one trade. And that’s when they lose. Here’s the key to trading success: Small profits, but consistently. Consistency is the key, because if your profits are consistent and predictable, then you can simply use leverage to trade size. Therefore you MUST know when to exit with a profit.

  • Mistake #3: Not limiting your losses.

    Losses are part of our business. The key to trading success is to limit your losses. Too many traders are giving a trade way too much “room” and, therefore, take big hits, taking your account down by 20%, 30% and sometimes even 40%. Use small losses. Your average loss should be smaller than your average win, because then you even make profits with a winning percentage of only 50%.
    Therefore, always know when to exit a trade. Later I will explain to you exactly when you exit a trade.

  • Mistake #4: Trading the wrong market.

    Too many traders are fixed on only one market: They trade ONLY the Forex USD/EUR, or the e-mini Russell, or the e-mini DOW, or just certain stocks, or… Here’s the key to trading success: Trade a market that is MOVING, either up or down. You know that you should buy when the market goes up and sell when the market goes down. Sounds simple enough, right? So stay away from a market that is choppy and just moving sideways and start trading a market with nice trends.
  • Mistake #5: Lack of a trading strategy.

    You MUST have a solid trading strategy.
    Having a trading strategy is probably the single most important thing you can do in order to succeed with trading. Having a trading strategy means having a pre-defined set of rules you have developed for your day trading. It means knowing what you do instead of just gambling. Too many people are starting day trading without a strategy, completely unprepared. With a day trading strategy you're way ahead of the crowd and you dramatically increase your chances of making money with trading.
  • Mistake #6: Not controlling your emotions.

    What are the main emotions of traders?? Here are a few: Greed, Fear, Panic, Indecision, Anger… and maybe excitement. How many negative emotions are on this list? – Too many! In order to become a successful trader you have to control your emotions. The best strategies and tools are useless if you lose your head when being in a trade.

  • Last, but not least: Mistake #7: Overtrading.

    Many traders think that “quantity” is better than “quality” and believe if you just throw enough punches that eventually one will hit. They trade like maniacs and make their broker rich. If you want to succeed in trading, then you must understand the concept of taking only the “high-probability trades” – less is more.

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Do you see what’s going on?

Take a look at these mistakes again. Do you get an idea why you are not achieving your trading goals? Could it be that you make one or the other mistake right now?

Simplify Your Trading and
Learn the Basics of Trading Success

The solution: Simplify your trading and learn the basics of trading success:

  • Learn an easy way how to determine the direction of the market.
    Because you KNOW secret #1: Trade in the right direction. So you MUST be able to determine the direction of the market.
  • But that’s now enough. Even if you entered in the right direction, you MUST know when to take profits. And when you entered in the wrong direction you MUST know when to get out.
  • You MUST learn how to find the right market. How to determine which market shouts “Here’s the money! Would you please take it?” And that can change daily, so you MUST be able to watch multiple markets.

But these are just the basics. They will help you eliminate Problems #1, 2, 3 and 4.
But what about the other problems? Well, my friend, the problem here is YOU!
You are Your Worst Enemy –
Here’s how to fix it:

You must have a trading strategy; a trading strategy that is proven and works. And you MUST learn how to control your emotions, because even if you KNOW the direction of the market and you have a plan when to enter and to exit, your emotions might get in your way. Because of greed, fear, panic, indecision, anger, frustration, impatience or any other emotion, you might override your trading plan and, therefore, it becomes worthless.

And you need to know how to avoid overtrading; otherwise, you will make money in the morning and give it back to the market later that day. The secret to trading riches is to MAKE money and KEEP it, and NOT giving it back to the market.

Become the Trader You Want to Be.

Here’s the good news. I can help you become the trader you want to be.

I can show you an easy way to determine whether the market is going up or down. I can show you WHEN to exit a trade. I can show you HOW to find the right market. Simple and easy. No more complicated formulas or indicators. And I can help you with your trading plan and your emotions. In short: I can make you a successful trader.

In fact, I am so confident that I can do it that I make you this deal:

If I fail to deliver what I promise, I will pay you $1,001!

So here’s the no-brainer deal, since you can’t lose: Either you become the trader we talked about in the beginning, or you are $1,001 richer. Isn’t that cool?

Learn HOW you can simplify your trading,
and start making consistent profits.

Click below to watch a short video that will explain how to simplify your trading and start making consistent profits with trading, regardless of the market that you are trading or your trading experience.

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